Home Biombo

The Home Biomgo, located in the village of Bisselanca, was inaugurated in 2011 with the purpose of providing children older than  8 years, with training, that gives them the necessary tools to live their adult lives  with independence  and  dignity.

Home Biombo provides a living environment, where the stability of a house, a room shared by two, an own space for clothes and shoes, in short, a space of their own, that  reaffirm their importance as people, their rights as minors but also their duties as young people.

In November 2011 the construction of the first of four houses, designed to shelter ten children, was completed. The first group of young people left Hafia Home to what would be their new home, one just for them. Definitely an experience filled with a sense of adventure, after living in groups of 122 little ones.

Here the routine is completely different, with more privileges but at the same time with more responsibilities: cleaning, sweeping, sorting their rooms, washing their clothes and maintaining the cleanness and the order in the house, besides helping in field work , cutting scrubs and watering the garden. But having fun is also part of their lives, so you can see them playing soccer or jumping around the campus, and then get ready to attend classes at one of the schools of Hafia.

At night, they have dinner, brush their teeth, do their homework and prepare for the best: watch a movie and then go to bed to await for a new day. This is the daily life of these children who strive to be better and responsible men and workers.

By December 2012, other three houses were finished, thereby giving another 30 children the opportunity to start a new stage in their lives.

This project has been possible thanks to the support of Life Link organization, which provided  the required resources to  purchase the land as well as to the contribution of people from Costa Rica, Spain, India and the other organizations like NAVFAC / EURSWA from the United States.


Asociación Casa Emanuel (ASOCE)

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África Ocidental

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