Home Casulo 

Home Casulo was born to give shelter to children with any kind of physical and/or mental disability, that are not accepted in the Guinean society. A rejection that comes from prejudgment and mistaken religious beliefs , and results in severe abuse, complete neglect and even with the sacrifice of their lives.


Casulo (Cocoon in Portuguese) is where the caterpillar grows and evolves into a beautiful butterfly. It is a safe, calm and warm place; it symbolizes change and healing, the transition from one stage of life to another, a better one. Likewise our children with disabilities, like little caterpillar, one day will be transformed into beautiful beings when they will be in the presence of God.


Meanwhile, here in this world, our duty is to care, love and protect them, and Home Casulo will be that shelter to ensure their welfare until the next stage will be reached.

Home Casulo started in November 2012 with the purchase of land in the Bisselanca village, Biombo region, and is moving forward with the support of the Spanish organizations: AMIC and FDRIM. It will have two assistance models:

  • Home Shelter: for 20 children with intellectual disabilities and/or abandonment or victims of violence.
  • Special Care Center: for children with disabilities, that will provide attention to 20 residents and  15 more from outside the community as well as a support program for families.


Asociación Casa Emanuel (ASOCE)

Bissau - Barrio Hafia
Guinea Bissau
África Ocidental

Apartado Postal:

Tel: (245) 66722110