Why we are here

The people are spread over the Earth. Sometimes agglomerated, sometimes scattered, each one keeping its identity, while facing life with the idiosyncrasy that characterizes them.

We know that among peoples may be great differences, nevertheless, human beings have things in common, things that go beyond gender and ethnicity, beyond primary needs. People need love and attention. We all agree that there are rights and responsibilities that must be respected and observed.

When the Lord Jesus came, He had a clear vision of the peoples and He knew them profoundly. He was born as a Jew and therefore grew to be recognized as a such. But there was something that the Lord did that made him the universal cosmic Jesus: He gave his life to pay the debt for all.

He didn't limit himself to prayers, miracles or teaching. He went far beyond his race allowed him to. He comforted repented thieves and prostitutes, He brought light to the lives of neglected and unwanted people, broke the rules in defense of justice and truth. The Lord Jesus loved and his love always implicated an action.

The mission that goes hand in hand with social action, is undoubtedly a mission with vision, working with the poorest we know resignation and pain, we know what are our true riches, because "the heart of the wise is in the house of sorrow, in the house of suffering".

Our work in Guiné has one goal: realize that love of Jesus. Just as the three journeymen of the parable, we also have received talents and in this determined lifetime which God has given us, we must work with them. The people need to know about the love of God, we are the instruments and we must be responsible in our work. 


Asociación Casa Emanuel (ASOCE)

Bissau - Barrio Hafia
Guinea Bissau
África Ocidental

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Tel: (245) 66722110