Vision and Mission


The mission that goes hand to hand with social action, is undoubtedly a mission with vision. In working with the poorest we know resignation and pain, we know what is our true wealth, because "the heart of the wise is in the house of sorrow, in the house of suffering".

Our work in Guinea has one goal: realize that love of Jesus. Just as the three servants in the parable, we also have received talents and in this lifetime given us by God, we must work for it. The people need to know about the love of God, we are His instruments.


Give concrete and specific expression of God's love by offering poor children of the community, orphans, abandoned, disabled or HIV infected, the required  attention to their physical, emotional and moral needs, by placement in shelters, training in schools, proper health care in clinics, and spiritual nurturing by teaching God's Word, the Bible.


  • Ensure the holistic well-being of children whose family cannot give them love, care and protection permanently.
  • Managing the resources that God provides us, including financial, with integrity, rationality and efficiency to achieve the objectives of the service with excellence.
  • Coordinate with government and private institutions, NGOs, both nationals and internationals, as well as with community groups that seek the well-being  of the needy child and his family.




Asociación Casa Emanuel (ASOCE)

Bissau - Barrio Hafia
Guinea Bissau
África Ocidental

Apartado Postal:

Tel: (245) 66722110